Deadly Frost  

Voices From Hell
Thrashing Madness

A diabolical intro, reminiscent of the haunting ceremonial qualities of Darkthrone's A Blaze album, leads into the debut full length from Polish blackened bludgeoners, Deadly Frost.  And as soon as the dust settles thick, groovy riffs smash you like a steamroller on The Dark.  Varied vocal attacks create deeper textures for the album while the drums hammer away at your sanity.  The overall style is similar to early Usurper.  Speed Metal Attack ramps up the pace and a relentless grinder of a song shreds your flesh while battering your bones.  An undulating groove forms the foundation of Born Of Fire.  A similarly punishing groove demolishes your skull on the opening stage of Nunfuck Rites before the song bursts into hyperfast black metal riffs.  The track then drops into some creeping death segments that are punctuated by eerie vocals.  Celtic Frost-esque riffing lurks in the folds of Raw Evil.  And the song lives up to its name, it is evil, in a raw, brutal way.  Blood For Satan is aggressive and violent from its first notes until the final riffs fades.  Several of these tracks made an appearance on their demos and splits (Death Reborn, Venom In The Eye Of God, Nunfuck Rites, etc.) but they have been sharpened and cleaned up a bit which has made them all the more deadly.  The album closes out with a cover song from a band I am completely unfamiliar with called Siekiera.  The song is Idziemy Przez Las and is surprisingly great.  There is a main riff that reminds me of an electric guitar taking on the theme music for Halloween and a tumbling drum line that builds the song up until it explodes for Chorus.  The vocals are pretty haunting as they have a lingering clear voice over a set of gang growls.  On their debut album Deadly Frost make black metal brutal while still retaining the sense of underground evilness that covers that style in a cloak of shadows.