We Are The Plague

Trabuc Records 2013

Spain has once again given birth to some hellish blackened thrash in the form of Insulters.  Their debut full-length is grimy and raw and filled with savage riffs.  The Intro is a slower builder of guitar shards and grunts that lets you know that all hell is about to break loose, and then on the title-track, it does!  Dirty thrash riffs hit you like a fist to the face and you can hear shades of early Sodom and Motorhead in each chord.  A brutally primitive beat and set of riffs just batters you until you are nothing but a mutilated corpse.  Blasphemic Vomitor's vocals are abrasive rasps that are similar to early Nocturnal Breed.  A blackened tone takes over the second half of the song while midtempo thrashing mayhem erupts from all corners of the song. Dynamite The Mosque relentlessly hammers away with its snappy snares and shredding thrash riffs.  However, the following track, Decadence is a more bestial thrash entity as it hurtles forward at an infernal pace and you are sliced by sludgy, low-end thrash riffs and a menacing guitar solo.  The tempo picks up and then a blasting set of beats saws through your skull.  Curse The Sun For Rising has a more death metal feel to its main riff though the filthy thrashing violence is still present.  A somewhat Slayer-esque groove settles in for some meaty butchery and then the speedier aggression resumes.  The immediate blackness of Lucifer Say Die creates an intimate relationship between the listener and their animalistic nature.  This track is completely inhuman in its sadistic black thrash assault.  It reminds me a bit of Aura Noir, but I couldn't compare it directly to any of their music.  Midnight Worshippers kicks off with a rocking main riff that just blows the doors off your speakers before dropping into a deathly groove that chugs with brutal intensity.  Insulter's debut first full album is an exercise in blackened mutilation.  The riffs are raw and feral, and the songwriting is straightforward and primitive.  They are direct and to the point with their no-frills blackened death/thrash attack.