Deathhammer / Korgull The Exterminator

When the Hammer Strikes...the Exterminator Arrives

Duplicate Records 2011

The wild beasts of Norwegian thrash and Spain's underground black metal sorcerers team up for a split EP of mind melting metallic corruption.   Each band brings to tracks to the table so I will tackle each band separately, starting with Deathhammer!

Deathhammer's style is akin to a drunken werewolf, out of control and thrashing like mad, cutting morsels of flesh from your bone with each untight riff.  The two tracks featured here are actually older tracks, but are still a breath of fetid air within the thrash scene!  Blasphemy is a total rabid assault of pounding thrash.  Salsten's vocals are wild and Cato's drums hammer away!  Then Deathbangerz takes it even a step further with all out, possessed vokillz and ripping riffs.  At times I am reminded of the looseness of early Kreator when listening to this track.  Deathhammer remains among my favorite thrash band, flying a flag of hate across this stale underground. 

More controlled but just as deadly is Korgull The Exterminator's two tracks.  Total grim and cold feeling permeates The Flag Of Hate Shall Rise Again.  Lilith's vocals are stone-hard.  She embodies what true black metal vocals are all about.  The riffs are razor sharp but cold, like ice shards slicing through your eardrums.  Some ungodly melodies surface as the song progresses.  The Never Ending Forest is up next and chugs out of the gates like a charging tank.  Then the flow of hollow sounding black metal riffage begins.  It's blasting tempo and frigid riffs leave me shivering from cold.  Lilith howls wildly, like a wolf at the moon while the guitars cut a deep red swath through your flesh and then the chugging begins anew.  Korgull The Exterminator lives and breathes unholy black metal.    

Duplicate Records caught lightning in a bottle with this release.  Two amazing underground talents at their peak.  All four tracks are skull smashers and you should do yourself a favor and obtain this 7" immediately.