White Lightnin'
Exile On Mainstream Records

Psychedelic and cyclopean doom are the hallmarks of these titans from Germany.  warped guitar and tribal drumming greet your ears as The Enochian Keys rolls in the breeze.  Undulating riffs, thick and ashen follow the same line as the track develops.  There is an sinister undercurrent lurking beyond the veils of the song structured and in this tequila induced haze I am in, I am somehow filled with dread.  Like I am being hunted by some elder god out of time and space.  Leaving behind instrumental odysseys, Elegy takes the gargantuan riffs of its predecessor, adds rock n roll soloing and dry vocals for some truly megalithic doom metal.  The track breaks down into a fading chug which opens into some expansive clean guitar, like the clouds opening on the universe.  The title-tracks gets moving slowly with some washed out strumming stalked closely by mammoth riffs of crushing weight.  Circling slowly like a storm cloud, dark and ominous, while dry vocals create an atmosphere of backwoods ceremonies.  It's like I am gripped by a demonic possession in a fundamentalist snake-handler church.  Musically it's like Sabbath's mutant spawn, sludgier and angrier.  There is a sultry hypnotism to the way the riffs sway.  The clean guitar that opens Mount Nysa is beautiful and entrancing.  It is a perfect setup to the avalanche of sludge-soaked riffing that washes over you as the track continues.  The clean guitar slips into the thunderous riffs like a haunting dream as the song continues.  Abysmal Desert Cavern is more straightforward as it confronts you immediately with monolithic riffs.  The scraping vocals and pounding drum line drop into southern rock riffs, meaty and bruising, yet somehow apocalyptic.  Obelyskkh take doom and beef it up with monstrous riffs, and then wash it out with psychedelic fringes and leave you with an album that is both ritualistic and transcendent.  White Lightnin' is like a ceremony for the shamans that takes them on a journey through storm clouds and astral nebulas.