Bone Cave Ballet   

Will Of The Waves

Self-Released 2013

Seattle's prog rock gem, Bone Cave Ballet really snuck up on me.  Not knowing what to expect at all from this 5-song, 25 minute album I was pleasantly surprised to hear some deceptively technical instrumentation and some awesome female vocals that exhibited both power and fragility.  Meandering fretwork and a playful drum beat lure you in on Breakup Yoga.  Heavy chugging and modern guitar wizardry lurk on the fringes of the track before it unfolds in a freeflowing segment.  By the halfway mark of the song soothing "oos" and muted drums serve to lull you into a sense of safety before a joyous outburst overtakes the track.  Weird, tranquil guitars and angelic vocals create a dreamlike quality to Great Cycle and I hear shades of Irepress within the vast textures flowing through the song.  A heavy, beefy riff penetrates the void and muscles across your eardrums while the snares create uneven patterns to throw off your expectations.  The composition drops back into calm, crystalline guitars and ethereal vocals and the cycles renews itself.  A sarcastic bass line and rolling drums are teased by some insane guitar rhythms chasing a flute.  A toe-tapping flow captures the movement of the song and then injects some delirious Spanish guitar patterns.  You can get lost in the intricate lines that are constantly flinging themselves upon you, but we finally manage to grab some stable footing with a throbbing guitar and long "oos" only have it washed away by more intense string manipulation.  The track finishes out with a long, plodding, almost doom segment.  More nocturnal musings on guitar and flavorful guitar solos open Repression's Estate.  The bass guitar is determined and accents a soulful vocal performance from Jacqui.  The track seems to alternate between buried rage and contemplative regret.  Will Of The Waves is an engaging tapestry of progressive traditionalism and modern experimentation and takes me on a journey where I am occasionally blinded by spectacular musicianship as well as being drawn into its emotional depth.