High Spirits 
You Are Here 

High Roller Records 2014

Chicago's native sons and my favorite high energy rock band, High Spirits announce they are here to stay with their sophomore album.  Their previous album, Another Night was one of the top albums of the year for me when it came out, so how does You Are Here stack up?  Impressively I would say.  A whole array of catchy, engaging riffs and smooth vocals are at Chris' talented fingertips and he utilizes them wisely and skillfully.  The album opener is a scorcher of melodic riffing and true metal grooves.  Chris' vocals are still as classy and syrupy (in a good way).  He sings like metallic honey.  heh heh.  The whole effect of the song is driving with an uplifting flow.  A humming bass line and toe-tapping beat pull the listener in on I Need Your Love.  This track exudes an 80s, cock-rock feel with its sensual chorus.  One Thousand Nights has that classic metal feel with its driving rhythms and melodic leads flowing across the track at key intervals.  A stronger melodic element surfaces in Reminding Me Of You.  The vocals have a nostalgic tone to them despite the surging main riff which imbues the track with an undertone of sadness and longing.  An even sadder feeling lingers around the main riff of The Last Night.  A pulsing bass guitar and broken guitar strums drive home that hint of sorrow.  I Will Run amps up the tension with a speeding main riff and optimistic beat that just fills you with positivity and delight.  All the elements of the chorus just soar and drive home the triumphant vibe of the song.  They end the album with a update of the demo classic, High Spirits!  It's smoother and benefits from real drums, but it is still an unmistakable classic, just like the original.  High Spirits' second album is once again a candidate for album of the year.  Great songwriting, killer riffs, and infectious riffs galore, that is the level of quality you can expect from You Are Here.  Get it, and rock on!