Adjo Silo

Audio Savant Records 2006

Ridiculously outlandish yet supremely creative and catchy is what we have offered to us on the Adjo Silo full length album from Norwegian eccentrics, Formloff.  No area of music (except maybe R n' B) is left untouched with heavy guttural death metal juxtaposed right next to keyboard laden electronic and everything in between.   I think my favorite part of the album during the track Arild Menzonis' Traumatiske Liv where brutal death metal cuts away to some dance club friendly Depeche Mode-esque electronica.  But there are so many excellent moments it is hard to choose.  I mean on the very next song, Paralyserende Stov Fra Romstasjon 13, begins with some creepy ambient and then bubbles up into some Moog laden psychedelic atmospheres.  No stone is left unturned by the experimental duo of Marius and Bernt.  Check out the Drum and Bass segment of Gregor Samsa i Las Vegas.  Also the metal riffing is so infectious.  Listen to the guitar riffing within the first minute of Helseskadelige Tore without a smile on your face and fist raised to the sky.  It's impossible to not do it.  Most of the guitar segments are melodic in nature and compliment the overlying vocals.  The vocals are equally adventurous with Death metal growls, electronic morphed clean vocals, power metal poppiness, their characteristic "
Huesprett vocals" and anything else you might be able to think of.  This album contains samples galore both vocally and music-wise.  Take for instance the Big band era jazz segment in MIDIlivskrisen.  The wonders never cease yet somehow most of it seems blended together rather well. Sometimes though the experimentation gets a little too crazy such as the Cow mooing and the dog barking vocals but these really just add to the silliness of this album.  Though I wouldn't say this album is silly by any stretch of the imagination.  Formloff are a musical adventure and the listener never knows what path the songs will take which makes each turn and trick even more surprising and entertaining than the last.  This album borders on maddened genius.