Bleak Art Records 2009

The intense and technical Greek black metal quintet come out guns blazing on their debut EP.  The intro merges orchestral and industrial elements into an exercise in dark immersion therapy, creating a mental state perfectly suited to the tight, clinical black metal of Perdition: A New Era.  Rapid-fire drumming and precision riffing spray out of the speakers like bursts of machinegun fire.  Meaty Morbid Angel-ish rhythms open And Chaos...Enthroned.  The guitars ripple with sinewy power before gripping ahold of a speedy black metal explosion which tails off with a melodic lead.  Icy riffs prevail on Navel, as Aenon make and emphatic statement of confident death infused black metal.  Smashing snare hits and burly bass drums highlight a section technical riff patterns before flying off into a fiery flurry of blasting black metal.  Industrial sonic textures form the foundation for the mathematical musings of Extradimensional Wall.  A feeling somewhat  like a less interesting Red Harvest.  So it is with a mild let down the EP ends.  Though black metal in vocals, attitude and certain riffing elements, I feel that Aenaon actually has a lot more in common with the Morbid Angel school of devastating precision death metal.  Sort of like a less symphonic Emperor meets Zyklon!