A Grey Sigh in a Flower Husk (Split)

At A Loss Recordings 2007

This is a stellar split release coming from At A Loss recordings featuring to Savannah GA bands which Ii have no previous experience with but appear to be somewhat well known in certain circles.  I will analyze this release on the basis of each band separately.


First we have the more interesting but probably less well known band in Baroness.  They present two tracks of mind expansive nightmares that churn and froth from varying angles of attack.  Baroness is anything but a typical band and are worthy of the label genre-defying.  Teiresias presents the album's first highlight with the string tapping eccentricities of its early progressions and near death metal vocals of John are rage personified.  Cavite is a nonstop rollercoaster ride of Kamikaze dives and extreme stunts like the muffled drumming and ticking riffs that give the impression of time passing and wreaking havoc as it does so.  Though the song gives a small respite of happiness and uplifting musicianship at the 8 minute mark before delving back into chugging and bone-crushing heaviness overlaid with melodic leads. 


Where Baroness was more chaotic and all over the place with their musical ideas Unpersons is more focused both in song length and in musical themes.  But I guess they have to be with the compressed track timing.  With that said, Unpersons are a far noisier and belligerent bunch with uncontrolled drumming madness and drunken slob vocals courtesy of Sanders and his "bourbon mouth."  Each song stumbles and meanders forward in a sort of drunken haze but I love their use of fuzzed out guitars(the opening of Dry Hand) and unbridled use of crashing cymbals (everywhere).  Sometimes the vocals detract a little from the seriousness of the songs as he wails away like an intoxicated banshee.  However in way it is a perfect fit.


At A Loss recordings has managed to release another gem of creative music that is both imaginative and unique.  Not for the feint of heart but for the truly adventurous these two lumbering hulks crush all within their path.