Gnaw Their Tongues

All the Dread Magnificence of Perversity

Crucial Blast 2009

Gnaw Their Tongues returns with another album of nightmarish depravity.  Hellish soundscapes torture the listener, bringing to mind a more layered and coherent Abruptum.  The album opens with My Orifices Await Ravaging.  Pounding, megalithic beats joust with a dissonant synths and metallic hisses.  Verbal shrieks further flay the nerves as the song develops.  A grating moment of calm is achieved as muted metal scrapings pierce the mind.  On Verbrannt Und Verflucht programmed tom rolls and shrill orchestral movements clash like Lovecraftian gods across hollow walls of slowly throbbing noise.  All this works towards sheering away any resemblance of sanity.  The tom rolls continue their winding journey into the moral abyss on Broken Finger Point Upwards In Vain.  Cacophony reigns supreme in this audio revulsion zone.  A horror movie soundtrack atmosphere with ominous piano tones and demonic vocals bleed across the flesh L'Ange Qui Announce La Fin Du Tempes' in its opening stage.  But the real foundation of the track is a megalithic beat that sounds like a Nepalese gong echoing in the bowels of hell for some sincerely low-end destruction.  To begin with the title-track murmurs like a million swarming locusts providing an unsettling backdrop to the sample of a terrified woman screaming.  Noisy, bassy sawing guitars and shuddering programmed beats run in fright as 1960's-ish horror tones lurch out of the abyssic darkness of the track.  Towards the composition's middle, ritualistic beats and piano amble like a perverse zombie against the stark stillness.  Gnaw Their Tongues has achieved another triumph of artistic degeneracy and frightful decadence on All The Dread...  No other group comes close to creating such sonic blasphemy and immorality.  This is true terror propaganda!