A New Disease is Born

Lifeforce Records 2007

Nightrage is a perfect example of what I do not like about the current influence of the Gothenburg scene.  These Greeks have taken all the typical Gothenburg melodies introduced by bands like In Flames and their geographical brethren and then stripped it down made it extremely slick and commercialized.  Not that it wasn't already commercialized by the bands in question but Nightrage have incorporated clear vocals that remind me of something that fans of bands like AFI, Evergreen Terrace, and other metalcore tinged Screamo bands could certainly find approachable.  I can see that is a possibly a positive thing since Nightrage might be a gateway band that brings fans of those mainstream bands deeper into the underground, however those of use already here will not find a lot on offer here that they haven't already heard before that was done better by bands with more artistic integrity.   These guys are obviously skilled musicians and they write catchy songs but it all just passes me by without much impact.  And every time those clean vocals soar over the happy and poppy melodies I can't help by think they betray Nightrage's aspirations for mainstream success.  But I guess there are plenty of bands I like that have the same goal.  So I won't really hold that against them.  These guys where their influences on their sleeves with songs like Scars of the Past which might have been pulled straight from any In Flames or middle era Dark Tranquillity album with its melodic riffs and catchy as hell leads and the trademark scratchy vocals, that is until the clean vocals appear again.  And so the rest of the album falls in line with that formula.  I find nothing truly worthwhile on this album but then again I am a little biased against this extremely slick and plastic sounding music.