Brown Jenkins

Angel Eyes

Moribund Records 2008

American death invocators Brown Jenkins return with another dissonance soaked foray into bleakness and cocoon smothering despair.  The guitars are still insanely fuzzed out providing that suffocating atmosphere that is so key to the sound of Brown Jenkins.  This time around though, rather than a foggy environ I feel more like I am submerged beneath the unlit waves of the ocean, drowning.  Black Procession, works on unnerving sour notes that pierce my psyche like so many barbed weapons of corruption.  The title track hits notes that angle off into the murky deeps.  Forever Funeral picks up its tempo a little towards the end for a more rhythmic dance.  Dragging and scraping, Pale Conqueror alternates surging and lurching forward like a beast crawling out of the shimmering chaos.  The album ends as it began, atonality ruling every distorted corner within the confines of Seven - Joy in Darkness.  This method of songwriting submerges all other facets of the music until only walls of fuzz and a hint of underlying rhythm emanate from the speakers.  The vocals this time are more pronounced and therefore all the more hideous in their deathly glory.   Angel Eyes shows Brown Jenkins in a more earthly, death oriented mindframe.  Not as trance inducing as Dagonite but still far from escaping ghastly the clutches of the many tentacled demons lurking in the depths of the sea.  Angel Eyes is a nightmarish journey through atonal textures that bend cosmic truths, that warp consciousness causing the listener to become lost within the cyclopean soundscapes.