Art of Extermination

Deepsend Records 2008

It is not often that extreme metal flows out of Algeria but here we have a "devast"ing dose of brutal death metal in the form of Devast.  Their style is relentless and uncompromising.  Fast and technical yet not overly so.  Sort of like a more technical Krisiun.  Seven Days of Blood is a nonstop whirlwind of churning riffs complimented by some insane bass guitar work.  Barbaric Hellstorm is as its name would imply, an inferno of barbarous intensity that constantly batters the listener.  Displaying their twisted mental state on the instrumental Inhumman Atrocity Part 1, Devast serves up some demented lead guitar work that speaks of an unbalanced mind.  At least for the first half of the track because the second part summons echoes of Morbid Angel as Devast play a more slowed down and rhythmic song structure.  After a minute long intro of a woman screaming Deluge of Hate shatters bones with a relentless pummelling from the drum kit of Fetus.  The albums closes out with a reprise of sorts of Inhuman Atrocity, this time it's part 2.  Killer stick work and accelerated kick drums are in juxtaposition to the tendon severing guitar squeals and flourishes this time around.  Art of Extermination works well because even though Devast leans towards technicality, they are not clinical and lifeless in their approach.  They have left a thin layer of grime on their album's production which helps them avoid the sterility that a lot of their peers seem to live within.  Art of Extermination is nearly an EP as its 8 songs are only 23 minutes in length.