Audiopain / Nekromantheon

Split 7"

Duplicate Records 2010

Two of Norway's prominent thrash acts unite for some demolishing thrash insanity.  Scene stalwarts Audiopain and new upstarts Nekromantheon combine for an aggressive dose of gritty thrash terror.

First up is Audiopain's song, The Memory of Man.  Having actually been recorded during the Traumatizer era, this track still sounds fresh.  Beginning with a deceptively doomy attitude, the tempo quickens and cruel grimness is released, like the thunder of a hundred machine-guns firing into the killing zone.  Early Kreator meets Voivod angularisms within the horrific battlescape of the song instills a traumatic reaction to each barrage of rifle-fire drumming.  Already ravaged by Sverre's harsh vocals, Aura Noir's Apollyon guests his grim throatings as well for added destruction.  Oddly enough there are stylistic hints of Aura Noir within this track, if for no other reason than the resurrection of similar referential skeletons in both band's closets.

Taking up the B-side is Annihilation Spree from Kolbotn's Nekromantheon which features members of Obliteration.  Having matured in both musical complexity and songwriting ability since their We're Rotting EP, Nekromantheon proceed to fire from the hip with both barrels, a shotgun blast of metallic might straight to the chest.  Hard yet catchy riffs with fierce breaks and frantic riffs that are both dynamic and staunchly bestial.  Imagine Nuclear Assault sped through a Destruction blender.  

Duplicate Records has once again vomited forth a gem of vinyl with this twin pronged attack of dirty and savage thrash that crashes and slashes through flayed skin and shredded flesh.  Every vertebra in my body is shattered by the sheer bone snapping mayhem on display here.