Aural Abjection/HDFH(advance for EP)

Self-financed 2003/4

Here we have some fine experimental death metal interspersed with some grind and some subtle weirdness.  Diskord are an up and coming band from Norway and I guarantee you'll here more from them in the future.  Though they don't have much of a catalog of releases this band reeks of quality and experience.  The closest band that comes to mind while listening to this is "For the Security" era Carbonized.  Even the production is reminiscent of that album but is perhaps a little more bottom heavy providing a nice rumble when the songs are thundering along.  They use a lot of disharmonic riffs that jump out at you while intricate bass lines coil and release underneath.  A great example of this theory in action is the stop-and-go action of Public Static Void.  The opening instrumental track Havoc Intermezzo has an industrial feel without being industrial.  I know that sounds contradictory but that's the feeling I get when I hear it.  The grind influences really come out in Cease of Existence where they stand in sharp contrast to the subtle disharmonies and insane fills.  Hans Ersvik accomplishes both the drumming, which is insane, and the vocals, which are good but not really too out of the ordinary.  Eyvind does some great bass work which is normal pretty subtle but he can shine when given the chance.  And Chris' riffs are great.  Really they are all talented musicians who can slither from one style to the next with each progression in the song.  One thing that truly pleases me about Diskord is though they are experimental with their ideas they aren't overly so.  They keep it within reason so that the music is still listenable.  I hate when a band tries to experiment too much and in the end it just takes away from the listening experience.  On their advance 3 track EP the songs are a little more straightforward but not much.  Also the production is a little thicker.  I prefer the production on the Demo though.  It will be released on some Italian label in the near future.  But one thing the EP has going for it that my favorite song is on it, "Utopia?"  I love the Opening part where the music breaks for some vocal dueling and the it kicks into some disharmonic riffing and then Eyvind does some bass freelancing.  Heh heh.  That song kills.  I read somewhere that reading the lyrics was essential and I must say for someone whose first language isn't English they certainly have a large vocabulary.  If out of the ordinary death metal appeals to you then definitely check out Diskord.  And man can Hans drum!!!!