Blod Og Kvad EP

Duplicate Records 2008

Finally Duplicate Records has delivered another gem into my hands.  Majestic, epic and heathenish are the words that spring to mind when trying to capture the visions summoned by the music of Norway's  Eljudner.  Their two song Blod Og Kvad EP is sometimes similar to country mates Enslaved though to me it is darker in its feeling and somewhat less expansive though that is a good thing in regards to Eljudner.  The first of the two songs is Sjelen Stevner Mot Sin Dom.  Images of a snowy winter's eve as the sun is setting over the forested mountains are the sights that spring to mind through the music on this track.  With a sorrowful lead and echoing black metal groans a mood of subzero temperatures turns everything to frost.  The clean viking-esque vocals emit an air of nostalgia.  On Andveget a more traditional black metal groove emotes trollish disdain akin to Isengard at its blackest.  Ghostly wails introduce blasting black metal riffing not unlike Transilvanian Hunger as the track is divided almost evenly between its two textures.  As Blod Og Kvad displays, Eljudner has a dark future as thee bleaker, more inhospitable cousin of the likes of pagan icons such as Enslaved and Helheim.  I look forward with great relish to more compositions from this trio of talented songwriters.