Devils Whorehouse

Blood & Ashes

Regain Records 2009

A sort of project band from more well known Swedish musicians who are exploring their love for Misfits and Samhain/Danzig.  The album's tracks swing back N forth from either a Misfits style horror punk to a more death rock style associated with Samhain and Danzig.  Starting with Oceans Turn to Blood which declares with no mistake their love of the aforementioned bands.  The track is more along the lines of the death rock style as it lingers in realms of darker, slower guitar passages and a stomping main beat.  Up next is Wicked One where the tempo increases and consumes the gothic tinged punk leanings of Misfits though not near as reckless or sloppy.  Which it turns out is one of the drawbacks of of Devils Whorehouse.  They seems just a tad too controlled even when they are rocking their hardest.  The Cult of Death is a spooky ritualistic track with ambient sounds and clean chanted vocals.  It doesn't really prepare the listener for the pounding energy of Werewolf which quickly follows.  A massively devastating and catchy chorus pounces upon the listener like a Lycanthrope attacking its prey and is the album's standout track for me.  Shadows Never Change is a bone-chilling gothic rock masterpiece that shivers with echoes of Danzig's debut album.  Maelstrom does a pretty good Glenn Danzig impression with his voice capturing that over emotional 50s and 60s horror take on Jim Morrison.  Face the Master is sort of a different beast as it starts off as a blistering punk anthem that settles into a Swedish death metal groove in its bowels.  Devils Whorehouse wear their love for all things Danzig related on their sleeve.  However they don't manage to capture the magic or energy of his related projects seeming somewhat forced and as I said before, too controlled.  While not a bad album, when I am done listening to Blood & Ashes I am left with the desire to listen to actual Misfits and Danzig albums.