Brad's Hardcore Mix Volume V

New Hardcore Mix from ME!!!!


Starting the mix off on an Old school footing and then driving into the darkest, blackest realms of modern hardcore.  That's what you can expect from my new Hardcore mix.  Thanks again to Dylan for the awesome cover art.  UGH.

Tracklist for A Life Of Hardcore Is War:

Face Value (USA) "Kick It Over" 
Underdog (USA) "Special Forces" 
Endpoint (USA) "Face" 
Culture (USA) "Still Crossed" 
Have Heart (USA) "Armed With A Mind" 
Seven Generations (USA) "Vanguard" 
Tears Of Gaia (USA) "Movement In The Dead Of Night" 
Centuries (USA) "Gelu" (2013)
Englemaker (Nor) "Disiplin" (2013)
Disembodied (USA) "Enochian Prayer" 
Bird Of Ill Omen (USA) "Now Ruin Is" 
No Fealty (Den) "Strict Seawater Diet" (2013)
Oathbreaker (Bel) "Condor Tongue" (2013)
Young And In The Way (USA) "The Great Blue Norther" (2011)
Deafheaven (USA) "Dream House" (2013)