Brad's Hardcore Mix Volume VI

New Hardcore Mix from ME!!!!


This Might be the angriest of the mixes I have done with bands like No Escape, Killing Time, Unrestrained and WolfxDown.  However there are emotional highlights as well from Forced Down and Skin Like Iron.  Anyways, I hope you find some new bands to get interested in.  Enjoy the mix!  Thanks again to Dylan for the awesome cover art.  UGH.

Tracklist for Stay True To The Path:

1.  Skin Like Iron = Arrival
2. Safe And Sound = The Tides
3.  In My Eyes = Perspective
4.  Voice Of Reason = Forever Strong
5.  Agnostic Front = Out For Blood
6.  Battery = Another Reason
7.  Strain = Behind The Wall
8.  Unrestrained = Anak Krakatau
9.  WolfxDown = Stray From The Path
10.  Face The Enemy = Leave Your Mark
11.  Killing Time = Fools Die
12.  Nebraska Bricks = Faith Within A World Without
13.  Ressurection = Refuse
14.  No Escape = Framework
15.  Forced Down = Escape
16.  Remain = Die Alone
17.  Snapcase = Incarnation
18.  Far Cry = Fade