Deathspell Omega

Chaining the Katechon

AJNA Offensive 2009

French Avant-garde black metallers Deathspell Omega return with another boundary shattering journey into existential orthodoxy.  This single track, 22 minute EP is a journey through the demented yet controlled sensibilities and vibrant satanic traditionalism of Deathspell Omega's dedicated artists.  Immediately violent only to reveal chords both discordant and divine swirling within the tempestuous maelstrom.  At the 10:09 mark distorted and delayed plodding notes and spoken words serve to disorient the listener only to once again plunge into the turbulent depths of chaotic and off-balance riffing.  The fervent din continues to boil and churn until a rocking beat delivers shrill notes and malevolent vocals.  After a pronounced break even more noticeably warped guitar work accompanies despairing vocals at the 14:10 mark.  Unexpectedly at 15:43 hateful blast-beaten black metal ravages the remains of our shredded souls revealing the decay within.  Triumphant horns give way to plodding and doomy near melodies as a long march into spiritual subjugation.  Deathspell Omega triumph once again with an experience of unassailable creativity and freedom from scene instilled barriers.  Chaining the Katechon delves deep into philosophical realms while giving wings to musical freedom. Through their latest masterwork the "Son of Perdition" has been manifested.