Chapter 1: Delirium

Firebox 2007

Another in a recent strong of Funeral Doom Death bands birthed by some sort of Thergothonian resurgence, Finland's mercilessly pounds away with dismally slow guitar riffs and minimalist drumming which is underpinned by subtle keyboards and granite hard vocals.  Sticking to the aforementioned formula Colosseum drags on monotonously through the albums over one hour length.  Suitably downcast in its attitude, Chapter 1: Delirium slowly meanders about as if lost in a fog.  It seems content to wallow in forlorn moods.  The Gate of Adar starts the album off sets the tone for this whole "chapter" as it crushes all beneath the weight of every single mountainous riff.  Corridors of Desolation adds layers of bereavement with the angelic male choirs that adorn its inner bowels though the main method of emotional evocation is the melodic lead and sorrowful synth.  Soon though the album becomes somewhat tiresome.  To me it is just too long and too monotonous for its own good.  No song has an individual identity as more or less this is just a one hour music testament to Funeral Doom and how oppressive this style can be.  Perhaps it is the unchanging drum beat that wearily marches onward towards a bleak oblivion.  Even when a song like Saturnine Vastness ups the drama through symphonic keyboards it fails to change our outlook as by this time we are numb.  Perhaps that is the goal.  This is not a bad album but when taken in the context of great albums by some of their contemporaries like Funeral Mourning and Sol it is easy to see why this seems somewhat lacking.  However if you are obsessed with all purveyors this subgenre then you likely will not be disappointed with Colosseum.