Continue to Kill

Locomotive Records 2008

Germany is usually more known for its Thrash and black metal scenes, but now with the fifth album from Debauchery maybe the death metal crowd will take notice.  Somewhat along the lines of Grave in their style, Debauchery hammers out thick, groove oriented killing machines in the form of songs.  Continue to Kill  opens with Blood God Rising which is a double bass drum pummeling that leaves your entire body covered in bruises.  The title track is a no holds barred Cannibal Corpse-esque speed assault that gives way to some Stockholm styled death metal in between the controlled blasts.  Hard Rockin displays a different side to Debauchery as they belt out some pretty convincing AC/DC styled rock, but with deep guttural vocals of course.  This isn't the only time they dip into the hard rock bag of tricks as they make more appearances on tracks like Metal on Metal and King of Killing.  A kick-ass, as well as spot-on, cover of Slayer's Angel of Death spikes up the intensity in the album's middle and is basically a case of Debauchery wearing one of their influences on their sleeves.  Whereas there is more of a Six Feet Under feel to Warfare with its slowed down and muscular riffs, constantly flexing while Thomas gurgles his vocal spew over top of the putrid mixture.  The production on Continue to Kill is full and powerful with all instruments sounding loud.  Hard rocking death metal with meaty riffing and tons of brutality are what is offered from Debauchery, on Continue to Kill.  What more could a death metaller ask for?