Convivial Hermit Zine

Issue Four

Self released 2008

For me Convivial Hermit is the best zine currently on the market, bar none.  In this, the fourth issue of this epic tome, sole editor Yury has once again put his private loves and tastes on display for the world to see.  Convivial Hermit drips with sincerity, integrity and emotional depth as it is evident that Yury has invested not only time but pieces of himself within its pages.  This issue features in depth interviews with such bands as Gorefest, Austere, Septic Flesh, Fen Hollen, Equinox ov the Gods, Kataplexia, Aryan Art, and Heathen Harvest among others as well as artists Dan Seagrave and Mark Riddick.  The band/artist selection reflects not current scene hype but Yury's genuine taste.  And he asks some of the best and most diverse questions to his subjects that I have come across.  For example he poses the query to Desolate of Austere about he thoughts towards isolating oneself in a true isolation tank and how he would feel about such an experience.  There is an extensive review section of both music and other zines in circulation.  A key insight into Yury is gained from two different features within the issue and those are his own drawings and comics as well as the detailed descriptions of his travels to Finland, Leipzig, and France.  He manages to get himself into some interesting situations.  I cannot heap enough praise on to what I see as the finest piece of underground literature in existence today.  Convivial Hermit rivals the glory of zines from the past such as Descent and Isten.  Here's hoping Yury keeps the flame burning long into the future.