The Corroding Age of wounds

Kneel Before the Masters Throne Records 2009


Extreme and blistering in its fiery detestation of Xtian values, the new album from the one man Philippine hate beast decimates the world population with each listen.  Beasts from the Sea features a core of grinding blasts with vehement black metal accents that remind me somewhat of Beheritís Drawing Down the Moon.  Cold melodies sweep out to announce On Dying Aeons only to be pushed aside by insane tempos and demented vocals.  Volcanic guitar soloing and layers of putrid shrieks announce the hellish crossfire of Chaosblade as violent hammering and sawblade riffs shred all flesh from the bones of the listener.  At the 3:45 mark raspy whispers, more atomic soloing, and a doomy pace surface momentarily only to succumb to more bestial insanity.  A thrashy main riff and accompanying headbanging passage melt before the onslaught of whip-cracking tormentors on Interstellar Doom.  The constantly shifting tempos and guitar work mark this song as a standout on the album.  The opening stanza of the final track, Deathpuzzle, is somewhat reminiscent of Morbid Angel though the relentless intensity of the song and the album as a whole leaves the listener breathless and beaten.  Brunoís constantly shifting vocal style adds a dimension of mentally unbalanced deviancy.  Every once in awhile the drum machine is a little tedious but this doesnít really detract form the overall listening experience.  On The Corroding Age of Wounds, Kratornas return stronger than ever with better songwriting, more individualistic songs that feature a plethora of rage-fuelled aggression.  This album represents a demon-beast invasion of Armageddonish proportions!  Hail the fires of the apocalypse and may they cleanse the earth!