Cult of the Dragon

Dark Essence Records 2007

Furiously waving the flag of "TNBM," Deathcult is another in an insanely long line of bands that is playing what can only be termed True Norwegian Black Metal.  heh heh.  Cult of the Dragon is an exercise is basic, straightforward black metal in the way that we have come to expect from bands of Nordic descent.  While being far from original this album is solid and seriously in your face about its ideals about adhering strictly to the roots of this well worn style.  With Taake's Herr Ekkel at the helm Deathcult plays with a strength of conviction that reinvigorates the old skeleton of Norwegian Black metal for a new round of rituals in all things Necro!!   Sieg Hail Satan plods along with some interesting and near constant cymbal rides and lyrically it professes its allegiance to the dark lord.  Man of Kutu is quite the opposite as it is lively and starts with an ever building riff and drum combination that speeds to a maniacal climax before victimizing your ears with buzzsaw guitars and rapid fire drums.  The highlight for me on this album though is Cruel Celestial Spirits, because it starts with a heavy single guitar whose notes reminds me of early Swedish death metal and then everything kicks into hyperdrive as a tornado of hypnotic and insanely fast guitar riffing drops the room to subzero temperatures.  Sound-wise Cult of the Dragon sounds not dissimilar to Gorgoroth's Antichrist album with the right amount of noise layered into the guitars and the vocals hateful and lifeless (but in a good way).  Plus the use of the whispering sounding vocals bring to mind Oath of Black Blood Era Beherit which adds an interesting twist to the tracks on which they appear (Cruel Celestial Spirits, Future Denied, and Man of Kutu).  Cult of the Dragon is by no means anything that will blow you away with its originality and musicianship, however it is a strong album mainly due to the dedication of the satanic artists involved.