Death To All

Regain Records 2009


One of the most consistent members of Sweden's blackened death metal hordes is the sinister Necrophobic.  Their new album Death to All continues in the same vein of blackened melodic death metal they have become so stylistically symbolic of.  The album begins with the scorcher Celebration of the Goat with its chilling melodies and deep guitar tone.  Like a flying fire spitting serpent this track swoops in, belching burning death upon the fearful Xtians.  Up next is Revelation 666 which is a frantic race into the blackened netherworld that would do their peers Unanimated and Dissection proud.  Towards the latter third of the track a somber melody drags the listener towards dismal depression in a similar manner as Katatonia.  For Those Who Stayed Satanic begins with a choir of fallen angels and brimstone laden guitars that stagger upwards against double-bass drumming before gathering their footing and speeding into an ashen firestorm.  The track is powerful and confident in its defiance.  The Tower recalls early Necrophobic with is trebly melody and violent speed.  Tobias' vocals are especially lethal on this track.  The title track brings the album to a climax and is comprised of three movements.  The first movement, The Summoning, is a crystalline period of two fornicating guitars.  The main portion of the track is up next with Triumph of the Horned.  It is pitch black metal of death, both furious and mercilessly cold.  The final section is ....And Jesus Wept where blowing wind and an acoustic guitar pave the way for depressive synths and a martial beat that lead us towards utter damnation.  If you have ever liked Necrophobic then Death to All will is sure to please you as it strays not at all from their tried and tested brew of dark melodies underpinned by down-tuned Stockholm styled Swedish death.  Darkened melodies abound and the spirit of evil flows out from Necrophobic as if their were a Satanic blast furnace.