The Black Metal Flame

Black Seed Productions 2008


After a sinister and mysterious intro, Portugal’s black metal godfathers slowly flex their sinewy metallic muscles on their 7th Full length album, The Black Metal Flame.  Decayed’s new album is a raw and primitive black metal onslaught that is not unlike middle-era Darkthrone or perhaps a faster Khold.  Thick riffs with blasting sections permeate Onslaught the Holy Flock.  More Black n’ Roll muscle erupts from meaty, bass heavy riffing on Blood of the Altar with its gang chorus and insanity drenched guitar soloing.  With a colder and slightly more traditional black metal approach is Mistress and Luxury.  Speedy locomotive tempos match buzzsaw guitars and are highlighted by fiery Slayer-esque guitar solos.  An ominous bass guitar serves as an omen of the looming darkness which follows on Invernah/Slaughter of the Righteous.  Violently sawing riffs race along like a monstrous landslide collecting weight and speed and increasing their destructive power as the song reaches its climax.  There is a small passage in the song’s middle that possesses echoes of the beginning stages of the song but these are quickly swept under.  Hatred Within brings the album to a close with nihilistic walls of sonic malice as a continuously rapid-fire tempo is mated to a flamethrower of scorching and frenzied riffs.  Several times though we are treated to a bit of a respite as the track slows to a funeral pace while W’s stone hard vocals recite “ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”  The main album is only seven compositions but the CD is bolstered by six bonus tracks including cover songs of The Ramones (Blitzkrieg Bop) and Bathory (You Don’t Move Me).  Fans of primitive and powerfully straightforward, no-frills black metal ala Darkthrone and Khold will certainly bow down and worship The Black Metal Flame.