Demonic Cremator

Demo 1

Self Released 2009

From the desolate north of Scotland comes the debut three track demo from Demonic Cremator.  The first track, Turbonecro is raw and harsh with icy melodies which reek of black metal traditionalism.  Distant vocals rasp over primitive black n roll riffs that are the definition of "necro."  Up next is From Beyond the Grave which bears a stronger resemblance to Bathory copulating with some Swedish black metal riffs.  Devoid of emotion and clawing away any humanity the track reminds me of primitive bands like Tangorodrim and early Gorgoroth at times.  Finally Into the Darkness surprises with riffs that evoke an epic atmosphere.  The stark and barren passages at the song's heart mirror the forthcoming mournful guitar lead.  Though raw, at times the composition is fills me with a aura of regret and longing but also I feel a triumphant mood echoing through the main riff.  Asphyxiator's vocals vary from a raspy approach initially to a dryer deeper throat on the last two compositions.  The production values vary from song to song with the first track being rawer and From Beyond the Grave possessing a distinct trebly hiss to its cymbals.  Demonic Cremator songwriting is surprisingly well developed for such a young band (formed 2008) though there is not a lot to their brand of straight-ahead, no-frills black metal.  I look forward to their next demo and I definitely see a dark storm forming and gathering strength in that wild and frigid northern wasteland.