Devil's Force

Regain Records 2009

Nifelheim's second album of old school, black thrashing savagery illustrates their growth and maturation as a force for metallic annihilation.  The production is a little drier and thinner while the songs are more immediate and dynamic on Devil's Force.  The Final Slaughter massacres through the use of a triumphant opening section and bestial Germanic thrash riffs.  The end of the track absolutely destroys all remaining humanity with a catchy NWOBHM riff that then explodes into speedy guitar passages.  quickly following in its wake is Desecration of the Dead whose main riffs are reminiscent of the early black metal work accomplished by Tiamat on their Sumerian Cry album.  Satanic Mass is a prime example of the looser playing of Nifelheim on this album which lends a feeling similar to the earlier works of the South American gods such as Seputlura, Sarcofago, and Sextrash.  The song races towards conclusion with a series of mind melting melodic leads.  Gruff, Sodom-esque primitivism crawls out from the darkness on the titletrack.  A whirling miasma of Destruction-ish riffing meets straightforward VON-like hypnotic guitar passages.  The final, non-bonus track here is Hellish Blasphemy.  The blasting drums and echoing vocals perfectly compliment the arsenal of cold black metal riffs and sawing thrash guitars that are hurled at anyone within earshot.  As with the repress of their debut, Devil's Force features a bonus coversong to close out the disk.  This time it is Vulcano's Witches Sabbat which was originally featured on the Headbanger's Against Disco Volume 2.   Devil's Force is another classic from the demonic legions known as Nifelheim.  On it they have expanded their songwriting abilities with more varied song structures as well as an ear towards track individuality and memorability.  As with basically all Nifelheim releases, owning this album is critical.  Otherwise you can expect a spiked fist to pummel your face into a bloody mush.