Candlelight Records 2008

It seems you can't keep a legend down.  Such is the case with original German thrash fiends, Destruction as they unleash what is their 12th full-length album.  Though not as raw and harsh as some of their more recent efforts, Devolution cleans itself up a little and incorporates a little more in the way of traditional metal to give depth to their new material.  The title track introduces us to this album with a strong sense of aggression and a catchy chorus with a lyrical warning against modern decay and corruption.  Vicious Circle has a swaying rhythm and a subtle sense of melody hidden in choppy riffing that reminds me a little of Twisted Into Form era Forbidden.  Less impressive is Offenders of the Throne with its rock n roll chorus and mid-tempo pace.  The Stomping riffing of Last Desperate Scream sounds way too modern and Nu-metallish for me.  Destruction get things back on track with The Violation of Morality which chugs along like a Season's era Slayer track with Schmier even utilizing a high-pitched scream like Tom Araya.  Of course I am not saying they are copying other bands, I am just saying it reminds me of those styles but as seen through a distinctly Destruction prism.  Teh album closes as it began, solid thrashing metal with a scathing chorus and a mild sense of melody.  Schmier is as strong as ever with is unmistakable vocals and socially conscious lyrics.  Devolution is exactly what I expected it to be, classy, well written thrash with a modern edge to it, from a band that has the wisdom and experience to know how to compose solid thrash metal anthems.  Though I fear that Destruction will never have the same magic of their early career, they are still putting out quality thrash that many of their fellow scene founders can't seem to capture.  So I find it impressive that they are still able to capture my imagination and thrash out like true maniacs!  "No one shall survive, the inner strife!!!!"