Regain Records 2008

On their 8th studio album Dismember have made a regression towards their roots, stripping much of the telltale melody from their riffs and instead opting for the Stockholm-meets-Autopsy brutality of their early material.  Europa Burns being my favorite song as it slowly and methodically obliterates all opposition like a fleet of B-52 bombers.  If Under A Bloodred Sky doesn't make you instantly think of Like an Ever Flowing Stream era material then you have had your brain surgically removed.  Legion not only lyrically attacks Christ but also attacks your ears with riffs that stab like rusty meat hooks.  Melody does make several appearances on this album like on Tide of Blood and to a lesser degree on Black Sun.  However the melody is never the dominating factor in any of these compositions.  The fetid stench of Dismember's Autopsy roots assault the nostrils on No Honor in Death with sludgy riffs and a plodding steady rhythm.  Dark Depth hacks away with meaty riffs and a claustrophobic sensation much like the lyrical submariners must have on their deep diving machines.  Matti Karki's vocals seem more powerful and guttural than ever calling to mind his performance on the Carnage album.  As usual the down-tuned Stockholm-style guitars permeate this album giving it an arcane feeling.  Dismember haven't been this aggressive since their Pieces EP.  And as much as I liked their previous two efforts, the is something so refreshing and invigorating about these stalwarts displaying not only their own personal skills but reminding everyone why the early Swedish scene was such a source of darkness and such a force to be reckoned with.  It is so hard for most bands to delve back into their origins and successfully resurrect their early magic but Dismember has managed to pull of this feat with ease and make it seem effortless.