Dimension F3H

Does The Pain Excite You?

Karisma Records 2007

This is the second album from Morfeus' (of Limbonic Art) lesser known band that takes the Limbonic Art foundation and incorporates a much more futuristic and industrial texture to it.  After many listens to Does the Pain Excite You? I think Dimension F3H is lesser known for a reason.  There is something about this band and its concept I just can't really respect.  The tracks are solid though sort of plastic and forced sounding but then again any album that deals with S&M and sexual activities in the manner that this album does just comes across as tasteless and crass.  To me it is almost as if Cradle of Filth were attempting an album in the Limbonic Art vein.  Well I will break down it even further, Morfeus has taken the keyboard heavy style of Limbonic Art and given it a much more modern/electronic feel to it such as the robotic vocals on Cyberqueen and the ambient techno elements on Pin Point Dead Man Practice among others.  Despite my overall dislike of this album for some reason Final Solution really comes across well and I enjoy the vocal pacing it has and the orchestral keyboard elements and industrial dance beat at around the two minute mark.  the track Superior is the most traditional on the album with its blast beats and black metal riffing.  Overall on Does the Pain Excite You the riffs are relatively uninteresting and the guitars are secondary in importance to direction the other elements like the vocals and keys are trying to drive each song towards.  If you like Morfeus' work with Limbonic Art stick with them as he has gone off course with Does the Pain Excite You.  This album could have been so much more as it is evident that Morfeus has the talent and compositional skill, however the album just comes across as unserious and fake.