Pulverized Records 2008

This Singaporean death machine returns with a new five track EP which features an intro, three new tracks and a Sarcofago cover.  Gone are the blatant Morbid Angel references found on some of Impiety's recent material (Paramount Evil).  In their place is a faster, war metal approach somewhat in line with early Angelcorpse.  The EP opens with a rather innocuous instrumental intro.  After that quick introduction Possessed style thrash riffing raises its blackened skull and proceeds to vomit forth merciless carnage on the first real track, Slaughterror Superiority.  I haven't witnessed Impiety being this ferocious since their thrash infused masterpiece, Skullfucking Armageddon.  The title track is next up and it is a virulent display of cold hearted slaughter with rapid-fire drumming and just as lightning fast riff changes.  The Sarcofago cover is of Black Vomit and is nearly indistinguishable from Impiety's own material here.  This indicates some of the root origins of Impiety's brutally aggressive darkness.  At War with Temujin closes out this criminally short disk (15 and a half minutes).  Slightly more controlled in its approach, a heavier, mid tempo riff is a calm before the storm.  Hellfire rapid drums and blitzkrieg riffs unleash an all out assault on my ears.  Impiety have made a step back in the right direction, away from the Morbid Angel rhythms of their later material.  This breakneck paced attack is more suited to the hellish blasphemy of Impiety.  Dominator is an apocalyptic beast that leaves none left alive.