Doom On You

Planet Metal 2009

It seems East Lansing is home to a lot of great metal acts and the newest supergroup to emerge is also the oldest sounding one.  Harbinger digs deep into Heavy Metal's roots and comes up with an authentic and therefore refreshing take on old school speed metal.  An aggressive NWOBHM attack launches directly out of the speakers into your ears leaving them shredded and raw.  Drivers to Hell breaks through with an energetic attack of blitzkrieg speed metal that combines flowing melodies, rambunctious bass lines, and catchy yet tough vocals that are raw and clean at the same time.  Morningstar has a more anthemic quality about it as the riffs continue to build tension while Matt's vocals sound as if they are screaming for METAL vengeance!  Twin guitar harmonies flow effortlessly off of the dual axe attack of the Ruiz brothers.  The prerequisite ode to a dark woman of pain surfaces in the form of Black-Hearted Woman.  An almost punk feel exists within the metallic confines of this track.  Die For Metal-Live for Death commands you to shake your fist as sawing metal riffs are twisted and transformed into an awkward yet gripping melody.  The Blood of Heroes is another tough-as-nails metal anthem that also crosses the blurred boundaries between Speed Metal and punk.  some might not agree but it is there lurking just below the surface.  The album ends with Harbinger, another METAL hymn that spits out blood and teeth with steel-fisted aggression and smooth melodic leads.  There is one flaw on this album and that lies with the drum production which sounds especially computerized/digital, especially on the cymbals.  Harbinger bleeds for metal and everything about Doom On You feels like a personal homage to all the elements and musical aesthetics that made early speed metal so vital.  If you long for the gritty realism of metal's glory days then you will cry out with metallic joy when listening to Doom On You.  This is NWOBHM for the tough streets!  "Die for Metal!!!!"