Dusted Angel

S/T 7"

Corruption Records 2009

This three song 7" is the debut recordings of Santa Cruz's new post-hardcore-injected doom fiends, Dusted Angel.  Clean guitar meets dissonant riffs and thick walls of sludgy doom to start out The Thorn.  Quickly though a rocking beat usurps the song's momentum and drives it forward with forceful anger.  Valium wallows in energetic Sabbath-isms as mammoth guitars crush up against cavernous riffs creating a sense of dread and hopelessness.  A bit more uptempo and cheery are the riffs that great the listener on Purple Jesus.  Sunny Sabbath inspired riffs sway in gentle breezes created by a loose and dizzy beat.  Jam-session guitar solos swirl like a free-spirited gypsy on this instrumental which brings the 7" to a swift conclusion.  The hardcore roots of some of the band members shine through occasionally, especially in the angry vocals courtesy of Clifford Dinsmore (ex-Bl'ast).  Dusted Angel takes traditional doom and adds elements of post hardcore rage into a turbulent mix.  Their debut 7" is a far angrier ride than most of Dusted Angel's peers.