Embracing This Deformity

Grindethic Records 2008

After their Monument to Suffering EP, the UK's Detrimentum hit full force with their debut full length, Embracing This Deformity.  Technical and extremely brutal Embracing the Deformity explodes upon the listener like the shrapnel from a dozen cluster bombs.  Scalestomeasurethemisfortuneofman twists and contorts in controlled spasms of grinding death metal.  Blood Simple utilizes some interesting bass lines and dizzying fretwork.  Blast beat insanity is mated with putrid rhythmic outbursts on The Flesh Elemental.  Gut wrenching tempo changes blur the line between madness and wizardry on Born to Bleed summoning a flood of negative emotions and uncontrolled rage.  Twilight's Slow Attrition begins ferociously but then adds layers of mournful melody proving that not only are these musicians skilled at playing tight technical death metal but they can also weave atmosphere and emotion into their art.  Contrasting to the intensity of the firestorm within the songwriting, the guitar solos are surprisingly somber and laidback in their style as illustrated on Disillusion Ethos and Blood Simple.  Eddie's vocals dwell in the insanely deep end of the spectrum though they do vary their approach throughout the album.  With that said though, the deep distorted vocals can wear on my nerves sometimes as they tend to distract from the music after extended use.  Jon's drumming begs the question as to whether or not he is actually human.  He hammers away with mechanical speed and precision blowing minds throughout the album's duration.  The album is somewhat longer than it probably should be, weighing in at a whopping 51 minutes.  With Embracing This Deformity, Detrimentum has constructed a mind boggling display of dizzying musicianship coupled with monstrous aggression.