Agonia 2007

From the mastermind behind Flesh for Beast Records comes his own bent on hellish black metal art.  To be honest I expected something a little more straightforward and traditional, sort of like Urgehal but much to my pleasant surprise the Alone EP has so much more to offer.  For most of the first four minutes of the title track we get exactly what I expected, primitive black metal.  But then the pace slows, melodic leads and somber keyboards surface.  Mournful and filled with a primeval yearning Antilevitation haunts wooded winter landscapes and echoes through still valleys.  It's specter raising keyboards fester in their own melancholy enhanced by the tasteful guitar licks.  At times reminiscent of Stormblast era Dimmu Borgir in the way the keyboards mimic classical piano and dissolve any hope from the listener, Love Me Morbid draws the last breath from you and fades into darkness.  It slowly scrapes away at any warmth your soul may contain through a trance inducing repetition of the main riff.  At times the music can be vicious but for the most part Endezzma prefers to work at a controlled and more emotionally deep layer of the consciousness.  The vocals are a more distorted shout than your traditional black metal shrieks but fit the music exsquisitely.  Agonia has discovered another gem of dismally shining Norwegian black metal.  Endezzma's debut full length is not too far off into the future and I will be one of the first people in line to obtain it.