Endstilles Reich

Regain Records 2007

Germany's Endstille is brutal black metal with an apocalyptic feel.  Like the musical equivalent of a thrusting nuclear knife as it leaves death strewn wastelands upon the face of the earth.    For the most part of the album Endstille carpet bombs all listeners under the unrelenting blast beats and frenzied riffing.  An Exception is Vorwarts (Sturmangriff II) which adds a sense of despair with a sense of freezing melody and a militant midtempo drumbeat but of course the paces picks back up immediately as the song ends and I Am God begins.  Stop and start precision with dead-on drumming and hissing cymbals along with hellfire riffs lay cities to waste on Erase.  Whereas on Endstille (Realitat) strong disharmonic slices cut at my skull as the tempo creeps and surges without ever exploding creating tension and a sense of morning regret.  My favorite song is the title track though.  I really enjoy its light-speed drumming and monotone main riff before it gives way to a stomping beat and shrill chords.  At times Endstille reminds me a little of Gorgoroth though not through any direct comparison of the two bands.  I think it is the general negativity and unbridled aggression of the music that makes me see a parallel here.  Iblis' vocals are violent screeches that lash out like the razor-sharp fangs of a cobra.  Striking with accuracy and leaving deathly wounds upon his victims.  Sometimes the production on this album is a little too sterile and clinical, especially on the triggered bass drum.  Endstille hasn't blown me away with Endstilles Reich but a strong, solid album of well written black metal is what they have displayed throughout its roughly 49 minute length.  There is "No Heaven over Germany" and I can see why.