Nihilistic Holocaust 2009

Traditional Swedish death metal has always had a special place in my heart and Entrails are the living embodiment of all the Stockholm style represents; down-tuned guitars, dark atmospheres, meaty riffs, and eerie melodies.  This 10 song demo (plus intro) kicks out some old school songwriting that is an homage to the original kings Entombed, Dismember, and Grave.  But I think the one recording this most reminds me of is Necrophobic's Unholy Prophecies demo.  Evil Obsession the graveyard massacre with thick, demonic riffs that perfectly display down-tuned guitars in that classic Swedish style.  Like a bonesaw they grind through rancid flesh.  The Morgue is up next with its blasting drums and sawing riffs which eventually give way to a graveyard stomp and somber leads.  Your Dead Dog Smile has a meatier approach that brings to mind Grave's thicker riffing style and groovier overall approach.  Shifting gears slightly is the more melodic approach of Voices which is reminiscent of Dismember circa Pieces.  The track flows around a bouncy main riff and a subtle Dismember-ish melody that is catchy and deadly at the same time.  Not to mention the sorrowful guitar lead screams Dismember.  Stormy death opens with a melodic lead before faster Entombed-esque riffs smash into the chunkier riffing method of early Necrophobic.  The final song, Depression is a long, slow death doom odyssey.  The track crawls along like a corpse clawing its way out of the damp earth.  Jocke's vocals are deep and guttural.  Aside from the programmed drums this demo is nearly perfect.  The dark, morbid atmospheres of the Stockholm style are flawlessly executed by Entrails on Reborn.  If you worship old school, traditional Swedish death then you will devour this debut recording from Entrails.  "Entrails are Reborn!"