Gnaw Their Tongues

An Epiphanic Vomiting of Blood

Crucial Blast 2008

Holland's extremely bizarre and odd project, Gnaw Their Tongues return for another mindblowing journey into the nether regions of a psychotic's warped psyche.  The seven tracks that comprise An Epiphanic Vomiting of Blood are truly disturbing.  Gnaw Their Tongues employ a style somewhat along the lines of Abruptum but mildly more "musical" and dramatic.  Unsettling would be an understatement when attempting to describe this intense amalgam of instrumentation and vocal insanity.  On My Body is Not a Vessel, Nor a Temple, it's a Repulsive Pile of Sickness, blackened male vocals and operatic female vocals form a rivalry over orchestral strings and throbbing bass lines.  Adding to the diabolical madness are the samples from the mouth of a serial killer one Teeth That Leer like Open Graves.  Triumphant horns and pounding drums are dominated once again by a megalithic bass line on the title track.  The Sewer Rats of Calcutta reintroduces the operatic female manifestations while strange shuddering string instruments utter perversion and corruption.  As evidenced by my descriptions, this is a very difficult album to "get into."  But if you can handle or even enjoy Abruptum's ritual abuse then you can certainly attempt to handle Gnaw Their Tongues.  These artists are perhaps one of the darkest and viscerally disturbing fixtures within the underground.  An Epiphanic Vomiting of Blood will drive wedges of madness into your subconscious mind and pulverize any remaining sanity you may have.  For fans of sheer auditory depravity only.