Eternity of Hell

Supreme Music Creations 2007

Greece has always been known for its influential black metal scene with the likes of Rotting Christ, Necromantia, and Nergal.  But it would appear it also has quite the burgeoning death metal scene as well.  Among this new wave of Greek death metal lies Desolation and their debut full length platter, Eternity of Hell.  After a sort of silly intro in which a demonic voice proclaims "Dead Christ Walking" these guys get down to business with some uncomplicated but entertaining death metal that also incorporates a fair amount of the same musical qualities as their black metal contemporaries.  Their style actually impresses me as it shuns the over-complicated and ridiculously intricate death metal that seems to be the current trend sweeping the underground.  The ensures that music can develop a rapport with the listener and manages to weave a bit of subterranean atmosphere into the mix as well.  A key example is Repulsed by the Light where engaging riffs and well placed blasting sections eventually wind down into some morbid slow sections and some break-neck stop and start breakdowns.  One of the places the Hellenic influence is easily identifiable is in the opening passages of Legions of Satan, especially at around the 1:15 mark where the tempo increases and the characteristically "Greek" melody is held together by majestic keyboard passages.  The instrumental outro sets the right mood for a reflective contemplation after the boiling hatred from the rest of the album.  Eternity of Hell could benefit from a much stronger and fuller drum sound as these are really thin and tiny sounding.  But the main emphasis of Desolation is the guitar riffs and the commanding vocals so this is not really to the albums detriment.  If you are looking for unpretentious death metal heavy on atmosphere and with a hint of Hellenic black metal then you will relish Desolation's Eternity of Hell album.