Eulogy IV

Total Holocaust Records 2004

I had never heard Nachtmystium before this release and didn't know really what to expect.  I figured they would be primitive based on what little word of mouth I had heard and also by their cover art.  But I was pleasantly surprised to hear that this was not necessarily the case.  Don't get me wrong, I love primitive black metal a lot.  But it is cool to kind of expect one thing and then hear something better.   This is still underground black metal of the primitive variety but it has a level of class and musicianship not normally associated with this style and the production though stripped down has a certain feeling to it that rises above the normal stereotypes for underground black metal.  The tracks are for the most part mid-tempo to fast without being blasting.  The thing I think that makes Nachtmystium stand out form the rest of their peers it the sad and well toned leads.  There is a sound quality about them that makes my hairs stand on end and they have a sliver of sorrow in them.  Just listen to the lead at the end of Bleed for Thee and you will understand what I mean.  My favorite track though is also the most derivative.  There is a lot of Darkthrone and VON influence to be found on You Get Nothing, but it is also the most engaging of the songs with it trance-like flowing riffs.  I feel I must go back and explore their back catalogue to see what other gems I might have missed.  There is quality black metal coming out of America and Nachtmystium is a perfect example of this.