Bone Gnawer

Feast of Flesh

Pulverized Records 2009

Having parted ways with Florida's deathly horror lords, Denial Fiend, Kam Lee (of Massacre fame) has joined forces with several pillars of the Swedish death metal scene (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Naglfar) in order to bring us a gore soaked excursion into the frightful world of cannibalistic impulses.  Bone Gnawer's debut album feature 10 tracks of old school death metal that unites the powerful riffing of the Tampa scene with the muddy obscurity of the Stockholm style.  Starting off with the title track, these deviants lose no time decapitating the listener with bloody guitars that have such meaty riffs that they must be covered with chunks of gore.  Sliced and Diced is even more morbid with its hacking riffs and commanding vocals.  Dismember meets Massacre is what you can expect on Hammer to the Skull as down-tuned guitars and rumbling drums trample the listener beneath their crushing weight.  Cadaverous filth crawls out from grimy earth on Hatchet Face which utilizes a faster pace and some Grave inspired grooves.  Dark Swedish riffing forms the foundation for Defleshed and Skinned.  The Hills Have Eyes is referenced on The Lucky Ones Die First.  The movie's apocalyptic and carnivorous imagery is mirrored in the blood spattered sawing riffs and rapid-fire drumming.  The eerie synths and darkly melodic passage within the song's inner folds recalls the sinister vibes from Carnage.  The frantic layered chorus ratchets up the song's intensity to leave the listener drained as the album ends.  Kam Lee has a uniquely confident vocal delivery that is unmatched by most of his peers.  Lyrically he continues to dwell in the arena of Z-grade horror movies.  While not as diverse or as immediately grabbing as Denial Fiend, Bone Gnawer has an undeniable primal power that eviscerates the listener through chunky riffs, meaty hooks, gory lyrics, and brutally commanding vocals.