First Strike For Spiritual Renewance

Karisma Records 2008

Razor-sharp and modern black thrash is what we are treated to from Iscariah's (ex-Immortal) new band, Deadtothisworld.  Deadtothisworld is not rearward looking on First Strike for Spiritual Renewance.  Though their style is instantly recognizable as thrash metal they never fall into the trap of cloning the old gods like so many of their peers.  From the opening passages of I, The Facilitator the deadly intent of Deadtothisworld is made crystal clear.  Night of the Necromancer sounds strangely familiar, eerily like something Nocturnal Breed might have done earlier in their career.  On 1942 they recount the wartime actions of a soldier in combat while bombastic riffs and harsh scraping vocals propel the song forward like an all out tank assault.  Meanwhile on Into the Light (Baphomet Rising) the main riff flexes and contorts with its muscular power.  To Free Death Upon them unleashes scathing vocal lines heightened by acidic guitar lines, both of which burn and scar the listener.  Album closer, Hammer of the Gods changes things up as it slows the tempo down some and adds more atmosphere through darkened guitar harmonies.  One thing that impresses me the most is that as the album flows along the material gets stronger rather than the artists expending their creativity within the first track or two like a lot of other bands do.  Iscariah's vocals are honed like a steel blade stripping flesh.  The crisp and crackling production adds to the cutting capabilities of Deadtothisworld.  On First strike for Spiritual Renewance, Deadtothisworld have created a thrash album that is both modern and devastating.  Controlled and calculated, I find this album hard-hitting and immediately appealing.  Maybe not a spiritual renewance, but certainly a thrash metal renewance.