Bible of the Devil

Freedom Metal

Cruz Del Sur 2008


Hell Yeah!  I thought Bible of the Devil's last album was pretty good and this one blows it away.  The album opens with the unbelievably catchy Hijack the Night.  Killer twin guitar harmonies, vocal lines that hook you, and an empowering anthemic chorus, this song has it all and I wish it would never end.  Up next is Night Oath with its opening throbbing bass line and chugging groove.  These quickly unleash a bridge reminiscent of Iron Maiden along with a Judas Priest inspired chorus.  A Sabbathy stomp meshes well with a melodic leads during the opening passages of The Turning Stone.  The track has a genuine late 70s rock feel to it.  Strutting even further down this old school freedom rock path is the breezy Heat Feeler with its clean guitars and bouncy disposition.  The track picks up with some heavier guitars and crashing cymbals towards the end.  The one out of place and borderline dreadful song on the album is Ol' Girl which sounds like a reject from an old Hollywood strip dirt rock band.  Black Sabbath roots rear their ugly head on Greek Fire and I can almost hear Ozzy belting out these apocalyptic vocal lines as lumbering riffs and pounding drums crush all obstacles in their path.  The album ends on a similar note to many of the tracks here, stinking of nostalgia from an ear of 70s rock fused with melodic metal sensibilities.  Ol' Girl aside, Bible of the Devil has produced another album of liquid fire rock that sears open all the wounds these deftly crafted tracks carve into my flesh.  Freedom Metal is both modern and ancient at the same time.  It has an aura where bell bottoms and psychedelia meld with driving rock.