Carpathian Forest

Fuck You All!

Candlelight 2006

It felt like Nattefrost and company lost their edge with Defending the Throne of Evil and I wasn't the only one saying so.  For some reason it seemed to me that they tried to make the album more "atmospheric" to show everyone that the departure of Nordavind wouldn't make Carpathian Forest a punk metal outfit.  Maybe I am misreading here but that is just the impression I get.  Luckily though with Fuck You All they have stripped out most of the keyboards they added on Defending and gone back to making black metal in the misanthropic, black n' Roll way they were (in)famous for.  This album calls to most their Black Shining Leather album which incidentally is my favorite of their releases.  I mean check out Frostbitten Woodlands of Norway with its slow creeping opening that actually does reek of atmosphere (unlike a lot of the material on Defending) before it bursts into one of those cold as hell Nordic black metal riffs.  Another fine example of those cold Nordic riffs are to be found on Diabolism(the Seed and the Sower) as well as my favorite song from this album, Shut Up, There is NO Excuse to Live.  This is overall a much faster album than Defending the Throne of Evil and indeed within their recent history, quite possibly ever.  The production is basically what we have come to expect from CF with the crisp hissing guitars and cymbals without a lot of low end sound.  The bass guitar or at least its presence is felt though.  Those guitars sound like they could cut like a razor they are so sharp sounding.  I don't normally talk about packaging anymore but the booklet that accompanies this CD is pretty fricking killer.  Nattefrost certainly has a talent for obscure and evil drawings which the cover is just a small example of the artwork contained within.  Definitely worth mentioning.  Man this is fucking Killer album!  I absolutely am in love with this album and it really makes me happy(errrr....I mean Grim) to hear Carpathian Forest back in this manner. 


On a side note, I saw these guys live on the same night that I got this album and they were killer.  Great live show.  Man Nattefrost can put away some alcohol.  heh heh.