Ungod / Mort

Split 7"

None Shall Defy Records 2009

None Shall Defy Records brings us a split 7" from two bastions of German black metal traditionalism,  Ungod and Mort.  The 7" features one track each from these underground purists. 


Ungod's style is primitive, raw and ultra-conservative black metal.  Some early Darkthrone and Samael references can be found in their music and is pretty much in line with Ungod's debut album though perhaps rawer and looser.  Their track Gazing Through The Mask of Perdition crawls out of the hellish, dust-obscured past with a plodding initial stage that reminds me of a slower, rawer, Under A Funeral Moon era Darkthrone.  It alternates between clean and gravelly black metal vocals before quickening the tempo for some devastating Nordic riffing that is rhythmic and icy cold.


Mort is a little tighter production and performance-wise on their track Ascent of Chaos.  Lightning quick melodies that bring to mind Transilvanian Hunger era Darkthrone but without the muddy production.  The guitars are razor-sharp and trebly and cut like barbwire during the chorus.  The bass guitar adds depth and emotion to this cold and merciless track.  Thunder cracks for added lethality as the frigid northern landscapes echo with an unholy black metal holocaust.  Mort kicks up a whirlwind of cymbal-smashing, thrash strikes before settling back into their main mesmerizing melody to finish out the song. 


Black metal is a lifecode for these anti-xtian traditionalists.  This 7" perfectly frames what no-frills, demonic black metal should be; merciless and cruel anti-xtian art.  This vinyl slab of raw black metal hatred is highly recommended.