Gentlemans Pistols


Candlelight Records 2007

If you thought Witchcraft was the only band out there recreating a solid bridge to the music past, then think again.  The UK's latest and greatest musical resurrectionists Gentleman's Pistols is rocking out fiery southern sounding sermon's of bluesy doom rock.  With their foot firmly planted in an older 70's sound, the opening track Just a Fraction immediately summons images of Witchcraft.  However there is more of a southern rock vibe imbued within the compositions of Gentleman's Pistols so they successfully avoid the "clone" comparisons some might lay at their feet.  Out of the Eye takes some serious Black Sabbath tones and picks up the tempo and jams out like their heads are on fire.  Heavy Petting ups the Blues vibe with is creeping pace and liberal amounts of guitar noodling.  The foot-stomping fun of Widow Maker makes this song my favorite on the album.   And that's one thing about Gentlemans Pistols, they feel like they are having some righteous fun.  Mistress Mistrust brings to mind the southern rock stylings of the Black Crowes.  Vocalist James Atkinson reminds me at times of the vocalist for Cowboy Mouth with his deep yet clear bellowing.  The production has more of a modern feel to it than say some of their peers but this only emphasizes their excellent songwriting, rather than relying on nostalgic production to gloss over any inadequacies.  The album has a strong sense of live fundamentals, as if each song was written with a sweaty arena or late night rock club set in mind.  If you like Southern sounding retro rock with a doom undercurrent then Gentleman's Pistols will be right up your alley.  Prepare for some enjoyable foot-stomping and head-banging.