Grotesque Hysterectomy


STOY Music 2007

With a surgical precision and the brutality of a murderous rampage Norway's new death metal kings Grotesque Hysterectomy lacerate the listeners eardrums.  Reek represents a serious progression both in terms of musicality and production for Grotesque Hysterectomy from their demo and 7".  Reek is a blurred vision of blasting death metal and an unhealthy dose of grinding pathological core.  Exhibitionist captures my ear with its strange disharmonic notes that stands out in the midst of all that gore drenched mayhem.  Whereas Annihilated Humans blasts away like a shotgun to the face and the throbbing break in the middle cuts like a bonesaw at naked flesh.  The lyrics are absent from my promo but I assure you musically Grotesque Hysterectomy paint a grimy picture of blood spattered walls and cadaverous apparitions.  Obeyer revels in the sheer joy of physical mutilation at the master's command while "drinking the nectar of death."  COuld there be a more horrendous fate to befall the imaginary victims?  Doubtful.  Disfigured Chest's extreme and guttural gurglings are merciless and cut like the skilled hand of a surgeon while all the rest of the instruments spray carnage in all directions.  The album is intentionally short at 22 minutes but the artist feels this makes it a much more effective instrument of death.  I tend to agree that short yet furious will beat overly long and drawn out any day.  Plus Grotesque Hysterectomy don't get bogged down in excessive instrumental noodling and other such vanity.  Instead they concentrate on devastating the listener with malevolent songwriting and a gratuitous execution of violence.  Sitting in the dark with this album I notice a fetid stench that rises to the nostrils and induces a nauseous reaction.  Reek is a wonderfully putrid album that is as cruel as it is fun.  Have fun bathing in the entrails of slaughtered victims!!!!