From Glory to Infinity

Paragon Records 2009


On From Glory to Infinity Italian death metallers Faust have bred a hybrid of Brutal Floridian death metal and melodic Gothenburg styled death metal.  So imagine if you will a faster Massacre meets Dark Tranquillity and that should give you a simplistic view of what is going on with this album.  Purple Children introduces us to Faust via catchy melodies and guttural vocals before offering up speeding death metal blasts not unlike what one might see lurching out of the Florida swamps.  Wet Veils casts some dark tranquility, melodic acoustic guitars with some intense yet calm guitar noodling as the focus before surging into some raging death metal.  Evil ramblings with a penchant for harmonious hooks are unleashed on Golden Wine Countess.  Intense, rapid-fire drumming breaks into catchy gallops while an almost gothic melody serves to add depth and emotion, like a nostalgic look into yesteryear before speeding into the fiery glory of the future.  Aleister’s lead work on that closes out the song is furious and displays his skill as a guitarist.  The acoustic guitarwork at the begging of Carnal Beatitude implies a strong Dark Tranquillity influence circa Skydancer.  Though the blasting death metal mind-warp that follows is far too brutal and vehement to keep that influence in your mind.  An updated version of Pig God Dog from their previous EP And Finally Faust is up next.  The soothing, almost jazzy feel of A Religion-Free World’s Dream closes out the album and captures some elegant fretless basswork.  Everyone involved in Faust appears to be quite talented at their instrument.  The production is buttery smooth though the bass drums are a little too loud and too triggered for my taste.  Hidden somewhat in this mix though is the talented bass work of none other than Steve DiGiorgio(Sadus, Autopsy).  If you like catchy, well written melodic death metal but feel that In Flames and Dark Tranquillity are a bit too wimpy and intellectual then Faust should be right up your alley.